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Discover the Michelin-Starred Restaurants of the Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol, located in the southern region of Spain, is renowned for its beautiful beaches, warm weather, and delicious food. The region is a true culinary destination, with a wealth of fantastic restaurants and some of the best chefs in the country. Among these restaurants, there are several that have earned the coveted Michelin stars. In this article, we will explore some of the Michelin-starred restaurants of the Costa del Sol.

Dani García Restaurante

Dani García Restaurante, located in Marbella, is one of the most famous restaurants in the region, with three Michelin stars. The restaurant's menu is based on traditional Andalusian cuisine, with a modern twist. The restaurant's tasting menu is a real experience, with dishes like roasted eggplant with miso and Iberian pork with sweet potato.


Located in the town of Ronda, Bardal has two Michelin stars and is one of the most popular restaurants in the region. Chef Benito Gómez creates innovative dishes inspired by traditional Andalusian cuisine. The restaurant's signature dish is the smoked sardine with beetroot and raspberry, which is a real treat for the taste buds.

El Lago

El Lago, located in Marbella, is a one Michelin-starred restaurant that offers a fine dining experience with stunning views of the surrounding lake. The restaurant's menu is focused on fresh, seasonal ingredients, and each dish is beautifully presented. Some of the highlights of the menu include the sea bass ceviche and the venison with foie gras.


Sollo, located in Fuengirola, is a one Michelin-starred restaurant that offers a unique dining experience. Chef Diego Gallegos is known for his use of freshwater fish in his dishes, and the restaurant's tasting menu includes dishes like caviar with green apple and trout with saffron.


Located in Marbella's old town, Skina is a one Michelin-starred restaurant that offers a tasting menu of creative and innovative dishes. The menu changes regularly to reflect the seasons and the availability of fresh ingredients. Some of the standout dishes include the crispy chicken with truffle and the smoked mackerel with yogurt.


The Costa del Sol is home to some of the best restaurants in Spain, and the Michelin-starred restaurants are a true highlight. From traditional Andalusian cuisine to innovative dishes that reflect the region's culinary traditions, there is something for every taste. So, if you're planning a trip to the Costa del Sol, be sure to visit one of these Michelin-starred restaurants and experience the very best of Spanish cuisine.

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